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WYCUP Program Schedule in Belfast, Northern Ireland

A tight-knit group of young credit union leaders from over 50 countries met last year in Denver to participate in the WYCUP program. 

Deadline for registration: June 25, 2015

Are you a young credit union professional or volunteer under 35 years of age attending the 2016 World Credit Union Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland?

Download: 2016 WYCUP program agenda

Before the conference begins, we invite you to be part of a series of activities, at no extra cost, especially designed for the young crowd! Share your own experiences with young credit union leaders from all over the world and learn about the phenomenal work they are doing. At the end of the conference, five individuals will be awarded an all-expenses-paid scholarship to attend the 2017 World Credit Union Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Sandra McDowell is a former WYCUP scholarship winner and vice president for communication and culture at First Credit Union in Powell River, BC. Outside of this role, she founded the eLeadership Academy to support the leadership development of others online. In her highly anticipated session, participants will learn how distractions can negatively impact their performance as leaders, and how self-awareness and focus can increase effectiveness. Participants will gain an increased understanding of how to harness the brain for improved productivity, communication, and overall wellbeing. In the afternoon, McDowell will lead WYCUP participants through an activity that will engage them in these practices and show them the benefits of mindful leadership.

The WYCUP program will include the following activities you won't want to miss: 

Sunday, July 17


3:30 pm-4:00pm


Meeting Room 1 

Waterfront Hall


WYCUP Program for Young Professionals (lunch is provided): Join a tight-knit group of young leaders from around the globe for a chance to network, participate in group discussions, and hear from our keynote speaker. (for conference attendees 35 and younger)*

New Attendee & Exhibitor Orientation

Conference Opening Ceremony and Welcoming Reception

Monday, July 18


7:00pm- 9:00pm

Waterfront Hall

Fratelli Belfast

Conference Sessions

WYCUP Dinner 

Dinner with the WYCUP group and their companions (self-paid)

Tuesday, July 19



Waterfront Hall

Waterfront Hall, Level 2, Bar 2 

Conference Sessions

WYCUP Alumni Network Reception

Past and current WYCUP participants are invited to attend the WYCUP Alumni Reunion

Wednesday, July 20



7:00pm- 12:00am

Waterfront Hall

Waterfront Hall

Titanic Museum

Conference Sessions

WYCUP Scholarship Awards
Five WYCUP nominees will receive an all-expense-paid attendance at the 2017 World Credit Union Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Closing Party
Wrap up your Belfast experience and enjoy the new friendships you have made at the Titanic museum with drinks, food and dancing. 

Schedule subject to change
* All conference attendees age 35 and younger interested to participate in the WYCUP events in Belfast are required to register for the program via the conference registration system by June 27, 2016. Applications for the WYCUP scholarship are NOT a requirement for attending the WYCUP events.

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