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Ohio CU Officials Visit Romania

Building on the foundation of a three-year World Council of Credit Unions partnership between the Ohio League and the Federation of Romanian credit unions, Karen Reams, CEO Millstream Area CU, joined the League's John Florian for a visit to Romania June 15 - 22.

The purpose of the trip was to discuss effective marketing and community outreach strategies. One of the early highlights was Karen's presentation ("Traits of a Successful Marketing Campaign") to a group of 100 CU officials at a seminar in Bucharest.

Another important moment was a meeting in Teius CU (located in the mountainous region of Transylvania), which was hosted by CEO Christian Bota and attended by the Mayor of the city. Beyond the impressive civic connections that the presence of the Mayor illustrated, Mr. Bota provided a tour of a community center being built by the credit union to serve local residents.

Reams and Florian also met with the Chairman of the Federation's Board, Serban Nicolae, who also serves as a Senator in the country's Parliament. Senator Nicolki discussed his plan to soon introduce legislation that will provide new credibility to the Romanian CU movement by establishing a legitimate supervisory structure to oversee the country's credit unions.

Federation Manager Florin Simion was pleased the results of the visit and expressed hope that the partnership would continue to provide benefits to credit unions on both sides of the Atlantic.


Source: Ohio Credit Union Leauge

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